Chromed Steel Straight Sword with Sheath Semi Stiff Blade

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Chromed Steel Straight Sword made from thin chrome steel (sometimes called “wushu steel”) excel in performances because of their extreme light weight and their high flexibility. Since they are lighter, they are far easier for smaller people to use and much quicker than heavier weapons. The blade is Flexible.

Chromed Steel Straight Sword with No Case are available in 26", 27", 28", 29", 30", and 31" blade lengths

Approximate weights per blade length: 26" -.71 lbs., 27" - .72 lbs., 28" - .75 lbs., 29" - .76 lbs., 30" -.80 lbs., 31" - .81 lbs.

Handle: 6.5" from under guard to end of nut

26" Blade length overall measures 34.25"

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