9th and 10th Famous Boxing Techniques of Shaolin

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9th: It is also named "Gun Hammer" and "The King of Boxing." It is strong and quick, with tremendous strength. The movement is always named from Gun, such as: upward gun, seabed gun, catching the wind gun, wrapping up gun, etc. Gun and gun like chains with the strength of toppling the mountains and draining the seas. Gun boxing is the obligatory pattern of Shaolin Martial monks, kept only inside the Shaolin Temple. It's key point is: Left and right turn the waist as the axle, twist the body and move the shoulder to hide the real purpose, up and down with ease the first like gun destroying enemy. 

10th: The Arhat Boxing is one of the starting patterns of Shaolin Wushu. In Buddhism, Arhat is the greatest with the magic of looking in five directions and listening in all directions. It combines the movement of dragon, tiger, leopard, crane, and snake, with the bearing of dragon, the power of tiger, the strength of leopard, the clever of crane, the tend of snake. Master Miaoxing tells the formula as follows: Head moves like wave, hands move like dashing star, Body moves like willow twig. Feet move like drunken man, Movement comes from the heart, by instinct looking forceful but not strong. Looking real but false. The longer one practices, the more skillful one is.