Dragon Head Shaolin Tie Bian Hard Whip Combat Steel

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The Tie Bian is a solid, and heavy blunt weapon. It was traditionally used as a sword breaker, as well as a mace. Some nicknames for the Tie Bian were the hard whip, and assassins mace, since these can be used as a primary weapon. The blunt force delivered by the Tie Bian is very difficult to parry, and blows landing on armor are enough to damage them. The sword like shape was designed to be quick, and to be handled like a sword while having the force of a war hammer. The pointed tip was added for thrusting to pierce through armor. Those who used the Tie Bian would sometimes dual wield them, or dual wield with a sword. This is typically at the master level.

This example of the Traditional Tie Bian is a beautiful piece. It is chromed steel, with a brass dragon above the hand-guard. The hand-guard itself is also made of steel but painted like a hard wood, followed by a brass pommel. There was a lot of time and detail put into this Tie Bian. The quality, as well as fit and finish will prove it.


Sold in pairs 

Weight: 4.5lbs each

Steel Rod: 24"

Grip: 5"

Overall Length: 34"