Kung Fu Short Handle Double Axe

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The Kung Fu Short Handle Double Axe is the practice versions of these older-than-old weapons of defense, with hollow heads of chrome-plated steel mounted on wooden shafts.  This pair of Axes are Unsharpened.

Like the three-section staff and the trident, the axe did not begin as a weapon, but as a common tool. In times of war, however, the common people would rise up, wielding any and all arms that they could improvise. From this secondary usage of farm implements came more efficient and combat-worthy incarnations, among them being the double kung fu axes.

These double axes are good for contemporary wushu and traditional kung fu practice and demonstration.

  • Approximate total length: 31"
  • Approximate axe head width: 10.5"
  • Approximate handle length: 23.5"
  • Approximate weight per axe: 2.45 lbs.