Wing Tsun Wooden Dummy Teak Wood

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This Wing Tsun Wooden Dummy is constructed of Teak wood, with a solid trunk and natural wood coloring. Teak wood is one of the most highly sought hardwoods for high-end furniture and other quality items, particularly for outdoor use due to its weather-resistant nature. Teak is a strong, heavy, dense wood with a high silica content and natural oils, lending it a high degree of natural resistance to both environmental factors and termites and other pests.

The distance between the two upper arms are approximately 28 cm.

The upper arms of this wooden dummy are designed to allow the practitioner to set them either parallel to each other or be placed so that one arm is higher than the other.

Ships in two packages weighing approximately 147 lbs and 53 lbs.

  • Approximate Trunk Height: 55 1/4"
  • Approximate Trunk Diameter: 8"
  • Approximate Frame Height: 67 1/4"
  • Approximate Frame Width: 61 1/2"
  • Approximate Arm Length (protruding from Trunk): 12 1/2"
  • Approximate Leg Length (protruding from Trunk): 24"
  • Frame Included.

NOTE: You can view this dummy's installation instructions here.

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