Makiwara Board - Small and Large

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Makiwara is a training tool originating in Japan for developing punching power. The modern Makiwara Board is padded with a heavy dense foam covered with canvas attached to a 1/2" wood board with holes for wall-mounting. Available in Large 9” by 12” and Small 4 ½” by 12”.

Striking a makiwara board is one of the most basic exercises in karate. Strike the makiwara using the seiken zuki, the shatei zuki or the hiji uchi. Using this makiwara board will harden the knuckles of a fist, the back and the heel of the hand. With proper use it will also strengthen the wrist. The makiwara can also be struck with your feet to develop your kicking power.

This Makiwara Board has a beautiful dragon design. The small size weighs 2.15 lbs., and the Large size weighs 4.2 lbs