Zodiac Treasure Sword

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The Chinese Zodiac Treasure sword is our newest arrival from the infamous Long Quan Shen Family Forge. This sword features a very rigid high carbon steel blade with an etched serrated blade pattern. The blade has the stamp of the sword maker on one side and a dragon and seven stars on the other. The scabbards alloy fittings have four of the Chinese Zodiac animals: Tiger, Dragon, Snake and Rooster. The pommel details the turtle and snake with the guard detailing the Yin Yang symbol and cranes. The swords pear wood handle is bamboo shaped stained rich dark brown. The handle is 8" long between the guard and pommel, making it usable as a two-handed sword. The scabbard also made of pear wood is stained to match the handle.

Zodiac Treasure swords are available in 28.5" and 30" blade lengths.

28.5" blade measures 41.25" overall, sword weight 2.80 lbs.

30" blade measures 41.75" overall, sword weight 2.85 lbs.

Swords balancing points are approximately 4" from the guard on blade side