Ying Yang Two Handed Sword Bagua Tai Chi

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Long Quan Tai Chi Kung Fu two handed Straight Sword beautifully crafted with an antique-like look made by Shen Long Guang Sword. This hand forged sword with full tang has a hollow ground combat steel blade that will bend to 90 degrees. The blade is not Wushu. This combat steel competition straight sword is well balanced (close to or at guard) and a great sword for Kung Fu Tai Chi, competition and performance. The guard and fittings are strong made of hard cast alloy. The wood handle and scabbard are rich dark brown in color.

The Straight Sword has blade lengths available in 33", 35". Due to the swords being individually hand forged weights and dimensions can slightly vary with each piece. Most blades can support their own weight. Please let us know if there are certain specifications you are looking for in the comments section when checking out.

Note: Sword Tassels are now solid red color. These straight swords include a free tassel and carrying case that cannot be returned for an exchange.

  • Approximate Blade Lengths: 33", 35"
  • Approximate Total Lengths:  43", 45"
  • Approximate Weights (Sword Only): 1.4 lbs., 1.5 lbs.
  • Approximate Total Weights (Sword and Scabbard): 2.25 lbs, 2.4 lbs.