Double Dragon Jian

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The Double Dragon Jian is detailed with the twin dragon design symbolizing the power and strength of this sword. These premium quality Damascus Steel Jian straight swords are made by the Shen Guang Long family forge in China and are designed for collectors and experienced martial artist.

Blade: The Double Dragon Jian blade is diamond shaped hand forged Damascus Steel which is favorably known for it's unique distinctive patterns. It has been polished to a mirror finish. The blade is full tang making it strong and sturdy. There is a seven-star Little Dipper constellation engraved on one side and the Chinese characters for  "Shen Guang Long" engraved on the other.

Scabbard and Fittings: The fittings on both the sword and the scabbard are hand carved brass. The fittings are detailed with the Chinese twin dragon design. The scabbard and handle are made from aged Ebony, making them both very strong and aesthetically pleasing with a very dark, almost black wood color.   

These swords are shipped in a Chinese designer box including a silk protective case.

Approximate Sword Specifications

Blade 29"

Sword Weight: 2.10 lbs

Overall Weight (Sword + Scabbard): 3.65 lbs

Handle Length: 6"

Balance Point: 4"

Blade 31"

Sword Weight: 2.30 lbs

Overall Weight (Sword + Scabbard): 3.75 lbs

Handle Length: 6"

Balance Point: 4"


Sword Flexibility: Stiff

Fittings: Hand Carved Brass 

Wood Material: Ebony

Tang: Full

Guard Width: 4"

Blade Shape: Diamond

Sword Material: Damascus Steel

Sword is sharp