Combat Steel Broadsword Long Chuan

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Our Combat Steel Broadsword specially made for us by Shen Long Chuan Factory in China.  This broadsword is constructed of hand-forged high-carbon steel.  The blade is solid and rigid, measuring approximately 1/4" thick at the base and exhibiting no flex.  The handle is made of Chinese maple, with the fittings constructed of brass.  The blade is blunt but could hold a live edge.  This is a solid, combat-worthy hand-forged blade. The guard, pommel, and fittings are made of brass. Each Combat Broadsword comes with pictured flags and a carrying case.

Approximate Weight (sword):

28" 2.40 lbs.

30" 2.55 lbs.

32" 2.70 lbs.

Approximate Balance Points:

28" Blade: 6" from hilt

30" Blade: 7" from hilt

32" Blade: 7.5" from hilt