Chinese Coin Straight Sword Tai Chi Kung Fu

WGL202-26 -F3
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Blade: The Chinese Coin Sword has a flexible blade made of hand-forged, high carbon steel. The blade is hollow-ground, and is stiff coming from the hilt, becoming flexible in the last third portion of the blade (approximately). There is a seven-star Little Dipper constellation engraved on one side, with "Shen Guang Long" and a sun & moon engraved on the other (Shen Guang Long is the family forge that made the blade).

Scabbard and Fittings: The scabbard and handle are made of Pear Blossom Wood, and the fittings on both the scabbard and sword are made of stamped brass. The scabbard is adorned with a Chinese coin motif.

Weights are respective to stated blade lengths.

  • Approximate Blade Lengths: 24", 26", 28", 30", and 32"
  • Approximate Weights (Swords Only): 1.25 lbs., 1.35 lbs, 1.45 lbs., 1.55 lbs., and 1.65 lbs.