Lightweight Flexible Wushu Broadsword w/ Scabbard

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The Wushu Broadsword comes complete with scabbard. This broadsword is constructed with a chrome-plated spring steel blade and steel fittings. The blade is very flexible and permits the "snap" sought for in contemporary Wushu. The scabbard is lightweight constructed of pine wrapped with a floral-patterned vinyl covering. 

NOTE: Do to various shipments the Wushu broadsword handle maybe pine as pictured, nylon wrapped, or stained with a lacquered finished. 

Approximate Weight (sword only):  19"- .55 lbs; 21" - .64 lbs.; 23" - .70 lbs.; 26" -.80 lbs.; 27" -.85 lbs.; 28" - .90 lbs.

Approximate Total Weight: between 1.25 lbs. and 1.90 lbs. 

Blade: Not Sharpened