Wudang Treasure Sword - Stiff Blade

WGL8018-28 F3-B1
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The Wudang Treasure Sword has a very rigid diamond shaped blade made of high carbon steel. The blade is stamped with the Long Chuan Shen Sword factory logo. Scabbard and handle made of oak finished in a medium brown color. The alloy fittings and and guard features the dragon and the Yin Yang symbol. The Wudang Treasure Sword has a 6" handle measuring between guard and pommel. This straight sword comes with a red tassel with jade like beads. The blade is blunt but can be sharpened.

Wudang Treasure Swords are available in 28", 30", and 31"

28" sword weighs 2.8 lbs, Sword and Scabbard 4.25 lbs., balancing point 4" blade side

30" sword weighs 2.9 lbs, Sword and Scabbard 4.50 lbs., balancing point 4.5" blade side

31" sword weighs 3.0 lbs, Sword and Scabbard 4.55 lbs., balancing point 5" blade side

These swords are hand forged and each sword can vary slightly with specifications