Combat Double Broadswords

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Combat Double Broadswords are hand-forged, coming from the Shen Guang Long family forge in China. We've commissioned them for these double broadswords at our customers' request.

Blade: The blades on the sword are hand forged from high carbon steel. These swords are shipped unsharpened.

Scabbard and Fittings: The scabbard and handle are made from Pinewood, with the scabbard painted black in color. The fittings on both the scabbard and sword are made from stamped brass.
Measurements are respective to stated blade lengths.


  • Approximate Blade Lengths: 28", 30", 31", 32"
  • Approximate Total Lengths: 36", 38", 39.5", 40"
  • Approximate Weights (Each Sword): 1.7 lbs., 1.85 lbs., 1.95 lbs.
  • Approximate Total Weights (Swords + Scabbard): 4.95 lbs., 5.2 lbs., 5.35 lbs.