White Oak Double Tapered Bo - 50"x1.25"

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The White Oak Double Tapered Bo has a 1.25" center diameter with ends tapering to .85". This bo is 50" in length.

White Oak Double Tapered Bo Staffs are an excellent choice for Chinese Kung Fu and other martial arts training, practice, and competitions. These solid White Oak bo's have been properly cured to reduce the chances of warping. Oak is subject to splintering consequently striking the ground with an oak staff can cause splintering. Oak is considered to be the perfect material for those wanting a staff that is a combat weapon. Oak bo's often require additional sanding to achieve a specific Feel. Additionally just as in baseball an Oak Staff can be boned to make it even harder.

Our staffs are made of the finest malas or oak wood which has been kiln dried to 1 10% water content. Every staff is then inspected and treated to ensure that it is straight. The next step is to sand each staff with a #150 sandpaper then a #300 sandpaper to achieve a ultra smooth finish. Each staff is then coated with a clear lacquer. This process makes our staffs the best available.