Rope Dart Seminar

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Are you stuck training at home and interested in learning Rope Dart techniques from the Master himself? Well you are in luck! Master Kenny Perez who is a champion in Traditional Chinese Flexible Weapons will be holding a Rope Dart Seminar on  at 10am PST. This seminar will be full coverage of Rope Dart and proper techniques for all skill levels. The seminar will be hosted live on Zoom by Wing Lam Enterprises and should be about 2 hrs long.

Master Perez will be covering things like body wraps, swings, figure eights, the basics, and even advanced form. Throughout his years of training, he has amassed vast knowledge and skills from a plethora of styles, while Traditional Chinese Flexible weapons is one of his specialties and favorites. This seminar will be covering the same training techniques Master Perez has used to master his form and art.

Info About Master Kenny Perez:

Master Perez has been training for almost half a century in all aspects of martial arts. He has studied in China and even became the first non-asian student to learn from the great Wushu Grandmaster Wu Bin. He has been a competitor, champion, promoter and instructor of Wushu ever since. He was even a member of the first American Wushu Team to compete in China! Aside from competitions, Master Kenny Perez has also worked on set with Jet Li and Donnie Yen to help train them for the roles they played in movies. For over a decade now, Master Perez has also donated his time to the Arizona Senior Olympics to help people over the age of 50 stay healthy and strong and to keep promoting martial arts as he always has loved to do.

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