Intro to Chain Whip Training Class

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In case you aren't familiar with the chain whip and want a chance to get a solid introduction, we have set up a 30min introduction class with Master Kenny Perez. This class will help you have an understanding of the chain whip as well as be ready for the 9 Section Chain Whip Seminar if you choose to register!

Those who have already registered for the 9 Section Chain Whip Seminar can join this class for free. Anyone who wants to enroll in the intro class, it's only $5 and you can apply that $5 if you decide you would like to register for the seminar. The seminar itself will take place the same day at 10am PST so be ready for a ton of training!

Zoom Sep 19th at 9am PST - Intro to Chain Whip Class

Zoom Sep 19th at 10am PST - 9 Section Chain Whip Seminar

Check out Master Kenny Perez's video on how to flag your chain whip on YouTube!

How To Flag Your Chain Whip with Master Kenny Perez