9 Section Chain Whip Seminar with Master Kenny Perez

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Would you like a chance to learn from one of the best practitioners of Chinese Flexible Weapons? Well now is your chance! On March 13th, 2021 at 8am PST Master Kenny Perez will be continuing his flexible weapons series. Next on the list is the 9 section (or 11 section) chain whip. This is one of his favorite weapons to train with and he has mastered the art to the point that he worked as a fight consultant for the 2009 movie Ninja Assassin for their use of flexible weapons. In this seminar Master Perez will be covering things like figure 8s, throws, ground work, whips and body wraps for all levels of students. Whether you are a beginner or pro, you can and will learn something from this seminar!

 * Join 9 Section Chain Whip Seminar Online with Master Kenny Perez

The seminar will be hosted on Zoom and will begin at 8am PST. The instructional portion of the seminar will be 2hr long with 30min at the end for Q&A with Master Kenny Perez. If you don't have time that day but want to be a part of the seminar don't worry. The seminar will be recorded and everyone who registers will get a copy. So grab your chain whips, write down your questions, and sign up for the seminar today!


Check out Master Perez's video on how to flag your chain whip!

How to Flag Your Chain Whip with Master Kenny Perez