Extra Fancy Miao Dao

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The Extra Fancy Miao Dao by the Shen family blade is hollow ground high carbon steel. It has a round spine which starts at 3/8" thick tapering to the tip. This makes the Mia Dao's blade light yet stiff. The blade is not sharpened but can be sharpened to hold a live edge. The engraving on the blade is Miao Dao in Chinese characters. Miao is one the 72 tribes of China. The handle and scabbard are made of a rich brown pear blossom wood with polished solid brass fittings. Each Extra Fancy Mia Dao comes with a free carrying case that cannot be returned for an exchange.

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Approximate Blade Length: 37.25"

Approximate Total Length: 53"

Handle 15"

Approximate Weight (Sword Only): 2.40 lbs.


Approximate Blade Length: 38"

Approximate Total Length: 53 3/8"

Handle 15"

Approximate Weight (Sword Only): 2.50 lbs.


Approximate Blade Length: 39.5"

Approximate Total Length: 54 7/8"

Handle 15"

Approximate Weight (Sword Only): 2.65 lbs.

Kenny Perez Miao Dao