Nine Dragon Trident | Custom Made

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This is a Custom Made Nine Dragon Trident made of stainless steel.  The two top cross sections of trident can rotate to lay flat and the shaft can separate into two pieces making it easier to transport.  When apart one section measures 60" and the other 30". The Nine Dragon Trident is a unique Chinese weapon made especially for Kung Fu martial arts training.  Once gone you might never see another one like this.

  • Weight 13.30 lbs
  • Overall length 90"

Traditionally, the spear is known as the "king of long weapons." The spear earned this title in the old days of mounted warfare in China, when it and some of its offshoots were the soldier's most important weapons. However, there's another Chinese weapon that, due to its unusual design and large variety of effective techniques against all types of weapons and opponents, may deserve the title "King of all weapons." This exceptional weapon is called a Nine Dragon Trident (Gau Lung Chah). In its simplest form. The trident has a heavy long weapon, with a large metal head shaped somewhat like a wide, flat pitchfork