Horse Knife Semi Flexible Blade

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The Pudao-Long Handle Horse Chopping Knife is lightweight and semi flexible for traditional kungfu practitioners. The horse chopping knife/blade 28" long is made of flexible chrome steel with a a circular chromed blood guard.  The Pudao has a dark brown lacquered long wood handle with an attached ring counterbalance. The overall approximate dimension is 67" 

Known by many names (Horse Knife, Chai Dao, Thieves’ Encampment Sword, Pu Dao, etc.), the Horse Knife is a member of the Tai Dao (long-handled broadsword) family and is the brother of the infamous Kwan Dao (W061). Its blade, unlike most long-handled broadswords, is a full-length chrome steel broadsword blade (stiff with some flex) and it is especially heavy and broad compared to the single-handed weapons for incredible chopping force. Where the broadsword slices by drawing its curved blade across the target, the Horse Knife brutally hacks in a fashion more similar to a machete or cudgel. By virtue of its long handle and ring-shaped counterbalance, the Horse Knife is far from unwieldy and has many techniques in common with both the staff and Kwan Dao.

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