Heavy Weight Training Kwan Dao Long Handle Knife Limited Edition

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The ultimate Heavy Weight Training Kwan Dao is made from high carbon steel weighing almost 29 lbs. It has a thick steel shaft to help balance and support the heavy weighted blade. This heavy weight training kwan dao is beautifully designed with a detailed solid brass dragon head guard. Its blade starting at approximately 1/2" thick tapering to approx. 1/4" at tip. The shaft is approximately 1 1/4" in diameter and painted with black and gold enamel paint.  The blade is barely sharp at edge.

This Heavy Weight Training Kwan Dao is made exclusively for WLE by legendary Shen Guanglong Sword Factory in China. This extremely Heavy Weight Kwan Dao is used for Chinese Kung Fu Martial Arts power training.

Overall length: 85.5"
Blade length: 26"
Handle length including the end piece: 59.5"
Handle diameter: 1.25"
Weight: 28.85 lbs.

In Chinese legends, the great general Kwan Yu used a powerful weapon weighing over 100 pounds. In martial arts training, many benefits can develop by training with a heavy weapon. Until now no other martial arts supply company could offer anything close to this truly heavy weapon. This custom designed and specially crafted Heavy Weight Training Kwan Dao is an exclusive product from WLE Inc available to you!

Limited Edition while supply lasts.