Gold Fut San Southern Lion Head

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The Beautiful Modern Gold Fut San Southern Lion Head is hand-made in China in size #2. Lion dance head has gold fur made of lambs wool and comes complete with 13' body, tail, and collar. This set is made for Chinese Southern traditional lion dance is designed with a layer of sequined material to reflect light and make the head and body appear to sparkle.

The meticulous process of making the Southern Lion Heads are divided into 4 major stages, framing, papering, painting, and adorning. Each lion head is made of a strong Bamboo frame construction with the second step of applying 6 layers of gauze paper, after drying applying laser paper with gum water. It is then hand painted in a traditional manner by craftsmen with the knowledge of calligraphy and basic skills. In the final step, the adorning is the process of attaching the multiple colors of wool fur decorating the forehead, nose, mouth, horn, beard, eyebrows and eyelids. Then not to forget to attach the mirror to the forehead that signifies praying with the Buddha.

Opening at bottom of head is approximately 19" x 21". Approximate Shipping Weight: 40 lbs. Front, Side, Back, and Top views shown