Beijing Northern Chinese Lion Dance Set - 1 Adult and 1 Child Lion Head

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Beijing Lions are also commonly referred to as the Northern Lions, they make for a fascinating show put on by those donning it. There floppy ears help simulate the happy, playful movements of man's best friend and a favorite of children among audience members. The Beijing Northern Chinese Lion Dance Set comes with one adult lion head and one child lion head in addition body and pants for both child and adult.

The Northern Lion looks pretty much like a Peking dog, while the  Southern Lions look more like a cat.

Northern Lions normally perform in pairs with another person holding a ball for the pair of lion to chase after. Sometimes, to make things more exciting, two lion kids will join in to perform together with the two adult Lions. The pair of adult Northern Lions is made up of a female and a male. Initially their genders were differentiated by the color of the ribbon tied on

The Northern Lion Dance projects a very active, happy, and playful movement. In their performance, they will joyously and actively chase after the ball, by leaping over tables, chairs, spinning themselves in 360 degrees stunt and rolling over one and another.