Kung Fu Training Rings

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Over the years we have had countless requests for these hard-to-find Kung Fu Training Rings made Solid Brass. We have always insisted on true brass forearm rings instead of chrome steel. Past manufacturers have stopped production of these rings, so we had to have them specially made in China just for you! Used by many traditional Kung Fu schools, such as Hung Gar, these rings are worn on your forearms as you practice your forms. Not only do they add weight to build up your arm muscles, they harden your forearms for serious blocking! Also, when you strike with real power and speed, the rings make a distinctive sharp clang that any genuine master will recognize as true kung fu skill! Our rings are made from solid high-grade true brass, the best metal for this type of training.

Why is brass so important? As the rings are used in practice, they will slide up and down the forearms. In Chinese kung fu, it is believed that over time, particles of brass will be rubbed off and absorbed into the skin, reinforcing the forearms to make them stronger and heavier. Trace amounts of raw brass are even used in many Dit Da Jow formulas. By comparison, steel is believed to be toxic when absorbed by the skin, and chrome plating flakes off, causing the risk of cutting the skin. This is why we have always demanded true brass for the manufacturing of our rings.

  • Size 4 Large rings: 1.35 lb. each- inside diameter: 3.5"- outside diameter:4.75"
  • Size 3 Medium rings: 1.15 lb. each- inside diameter: 3.25"- outside diameter:4.375"
  • Size 2 Small rings: 0.9 lb. each- inside diameter: 3"- outside diameter:4"
  • Size 1 X-Small rings: 0.7lb each- inside diameter: 2.75"- outside diameter: 3.75"