(Chin Na DVD #01-06) Chin Na Complete Series

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Save Big when you order all 6 training videos in our Chin Na series!

These instructional videos feature the entire Wing Lam Chin Na curriculum demonstrated by Sifu Wing Lam.  Chin Na is not a system or style, but a term referencing grappling and locking techniques.  Chin Na literally means "Seize Control", and are meant primarily as submission and compliance methods.  Advanced Chin Na is considered the highest level of empty-hand combat.

Extensive training in Tai Chi push hands is believed to be the only way to obtain the sensitivity required to apply high-level Chin Na techniques.

Set includes:

  • (Chin Na DVD #1) Grappling
  • (Chin Na DVD #2) Breaking Holds and Choke
  • (Chin Na DVD #3) Pressure Point Attack
  • (Chin Na DVD #4) Ground Fighting
  • (Chin Na DVD #5) Defeating Armed Attackers
  • (Chin Na DVD #6) Training Methods and Tools