Premium Bagua Broadsword

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The Premium Bagua Broadsword is made by the Long Chaun Sword Factory.  The sword blade is made from Combat Steel. It is stiff with a moderate flex.  The blade will hold its own weight when resting on its tip.  The swords spine starts at 1/4" and tapers to less than 1/8". The blade has the etching of bagua and the ying yang symbol. The Premium Bagua Broadswords guard is made of brass with a plum flower shaped design.  The handle has a tight woven red and black corded wrap and measures 15.25" in length.  The scabbard is wood with stamped brass fittings.

The Premium Bagua Broadsword is individually hand forged so weights and dimensions can vary slightly with each sword.

Blade length: 39.5"

Sword Approximate Overall length: 55.25"

Approximate Sword Weight:  4.6 lbs.

Approximate Total Weight: 6.2 lbs.