Tai Chi Chuan - Theory and Practice

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By Paul F.N. Tam, 300 pages

It is a great honour to undertake the translation of our teacher's work on Tai-chi Chuan from Chinese into English. However, we were deeply worried that we might not be equal to our task. Since the theory of Tai-chi Chuan originates from the very core of the Chinese culture. It really racked our brians to select the linguistically appropriate English equivalents that may transmit these culturally specific concepts. Irrespective of this almost unsurmountable difficulty we have, hopefully, managed to put the profound theory and skills into the English language - in a relatively lucid and concise style acceptable in the general readers of English.

Some of the contents contained herein have never been put in writing. They have been passed down for centuries in China through practical training only. A good example therof is the delicate techniques in "push-hands", which regrettably often neglected by the learner is in fact the other side of the same coin in the training of Tai-chi Chuan.

The present work of translation also comprises the first attempt ever made to introduce comprehensively to the English-speaking world the classic Tai-chi Chuan theory, the subtlety of which, we are absolutely sure, the non-Chinese speakers have hardly gained any access to. This is far and away the best practical volume upon the learning of an important branch of Chinese Kung-fu.