Hematite Necklace - Assorted Choices

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Hematite Necklace with Assorted Hematite Pendants. Each necklace is approx. 16" with hematite drum beads and a screw clasp.

Assorted Hematite Pendant Choices:

  • N1: Butterfly
  • N2: Pious Fish
  • N3: Cross
  • N4: Fish
  • N5: Large Open Oval
  • N6: Small Open Oval
  • N7: Open Circle
  • N8: Small Open Heart
  • N9: Large Open Heart
  • Weight: Between 12g and 22g (less than 1oz)

Hematite is very popular in Feng Shui due to its centering, cooling and calming affects. The energy of hematite, with its crisp and cooling quality, can also help with focus, clarity and concentration. A uniqueness with hematite is its protective energy, with the almost mirror-like shiny surface can help repel negative energy.