Ta Mo Scroll - Shaolin Black Stone Rubbing Depiction 66" x 28"

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Vigilant gaze of Ta Mo Scroll. Black stone rubbing depiction of Ta Mo from Shaolin.  Ta Mo came to Shaolin village via India.  As his teachings and exercises were combined with Shaolin pre-existing boxing methods, it became the foundation for Zen Buddhism and modern day Shaolin. It is said that Ta Mo's gaze will help you persist and persevere in your studies just as it does on the original stone tablet in Shaolin.  The scroll measures 66" in length and 28" in width and is beautiful piece of art for any wall.

***Please note that these are hand painted and style and wallpaper background may vary***

Features and Specifications:

  • Ta Mo Scroll
  • Stone Rubbing Style
  • Vigilant Ta Mo gaze
  • Hanging ribbon and weighted bottom spine
  • Length: 66" approximately
  • Width: 28" approximately