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» Weapon Case and Weapon Rack for Martial Arts
We have large variety of decorative and functional weapons racks and cases. The racks come in a variety of styles and woods including solid oak, walnut, and natural wood. We probably have a rack that will match your décor. Racks come in two flavors, free standing and wall mounted.

Cases are made in a variety of materials so you can transport your weapons safely and discreetly. Materials range from silk to vinyl or pvc. Cases can accommodate a bo/staff, escrima sticks, straight sword, broadsword, nuchaku, sai, or tonfa. The 5 Sword carrying case is large enough to hold five swords or similar weapons without drawing notice.

Bo Staff Case Bo/Staff Carrying Cases
W160.gif Sword Carrying Cases
W094.gif Weapon Racks
Tonfa Carrying Case Miscellaneous Cases
Nunchaku Case Nunchaku Case