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» Weapon Case and Weapon Rack for Martial Arts

Weapon Case and Weapon Rack for Martial Arts

We have large variety of decorative and functional weapons racks and cases. The racks come in a variety of styles and woods including solid oak, walnut, and natural wood. We probably have a rack that will match your décor. Racks come in two flavors, free standing and wall mounted.

Cases are made in a variety of materials so you can transport your weapons safely and discreetly. Materials range from silk to vinyl or pvc. Cases can accommodate a bo/staff, escrima sticks, straight sword, broadsword, nuchaku, sai, or tonfa. The 5 Sword carrying case is large enough to hold five swords or similar weapons without drawing notice.

Bo Staff Case Bo/Staff Carrying Cases
W160.gif Sword Carrying Cases
W094.gif Weapon Racks
Tonfa Carrying Case Miscellaneous Cases
Nunchaku Case Nunchaku Case