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Traditional Weapons

Traditional kung fu is focused on practical and realistic training. It seeks to train and strengthen the body, and its weapon training reflects that. Therefore, the traditional weapons are always heavy and ridgid to reflect the properties of real combat weapons. Wing Lam Enterprise’s traditional weapons are imported from southern China, the only area that has manufactured traditional weapons for almost 100 years. In fact, Sifu Wing Lam still possesses his first broadsword that he bought in Hong Kong almost 45 years ago, and the newer swords are identical to it in style. This line of weapons is made of cold rolled, chrome plated steel. They are durable, fairly heavy and easy to maintain.
Ba Gua Dao Traditional Broadswords & Straight Swords

Traditional Broadswords & Straight Swords

Monk Spade Traditional Traditional Long Weapons

Traditional Long Weapons, Halberds,

Spears, Kwan Dao, Pudao, Monk Spade,

Long Axe, Rake, Trident

Chain Whip 7 Section Traditional Other Weapons

Traditional Other Weapons, Deer Horns,

Rattan Shield, Chain Whips, Chinese Sai,

Iron Pipe, Wooden Bench